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Meet Our Team

Our mission is simple: improve global oral health.

We accomplish this by making preclinical and clinical dental learning more efficient. My Dental Key helps you pass your exams, ace your boards, and get into your dream residency programs and jobs.

My Dental Key is made possible because of thousands of hours of hard work put in by our team. If you are passionate about dentistry and education, we’d love to hear from you!


  • Dr. Leela BreitmanCEO | Co-Founder
  • Dr. Jenn LucaCOO | Co-Founder
  • Dr. Emily Van DorenCIO | Co-Founder

Our Team

  • Elizabeth McGoughContent Contributor
  • Ashley WongCommunications Manager
  • Jonathan ImCommunications Manager
  • Crystal SongIllustrator & Merchandise Designer
  • Dr. Nick NguyenContent Contributor
  • Asli PisanoContent Contributor
  • Allen TangPre-Dental Intern & Content Contributor
  • Chris XuContent Contributor & Illustrator
  • Claudia PichardoContent Contributor
  • Juliana EnriquezContent Contributor
  • Mariana SavastanoPre-Dental Intern
  • Dr. Natalie WenContent Contributor
  • Sophie KimIllustrator
  • Amy LinContent Contributor
  • Victoria TianContent Contributor
  • Funing ZhangContent Contributor
  • Amanda CollisonContent Contributor

Academic Mentors

All of our content is built BY students FOR students and verified by leading dental academicians and researchers. Meet our stellar cast of Academic Mentors below.

  • Dr. Hiroe OhyamaOperative Dentistry Advisor
  • Dr. Supattriya ChutinanOperative Dentistry Advisor
  • Dr. Yaara BerdanEndodontics Advisor
  • Dr. Peter GriecoProsthodontics Advisor
  • Dr. Andrea MorganDental Anatomy Advisor
  • Dr. Neeta ChandwaniPediatrics Advisor
  • Dr. Erinne KennedyEducation Advisor
  • Dr. Donna HackleyGlobal Oral Health Advisor
  • Dr. Brooke Blicher
  • Dr. Rebekah PrylesEndodontics Advisor
  • Dr. Joanne FalzoneDental Anatomy Advisor
  • Dr. Eleana StoufiOral Medicine Advisor

Historical Team Members

  • Joe MontesanoContent Contributor
  • Dr. Nicki NewberryContent Contributor
  • Dr. Mariam KhanContent Contributor
  • Maria MeyerhoeferFormer CFO
  • Jenna ZhuContent Contributor
  • Dahee ChungWeb Developer
  • Dr. Antonia HadjicostaContent Contributor
  • Dr. Alice LiFormer CMO
  • Dr. Karen HeFormer CFO

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